Oh, hello there. And how have you all been? So… I guess it’s explanation time for the whole up-and-dropping the last blog thing, right? The thing is, I could do that, and it would probably be fine, but I’m not so sure I wouldn’t fall back into the trap of writing something that teeters dangerously close to, as one boss described it, “possibly homicidal” rants. I know, I know, I’m not homicidal (fortunately for that bastard Billy Bush and the rest of the Access Hollywood crew) but I do have my moments where I get, to use a better phrase, whiny … like really freaking whiny. These are usually the times I post things with titles like “File this folder for you? Why don’t you go f—k yourself instead?” or “Ohmigod, I think today may be the day I finally jump off the roof of the parking garage.” Come to think of it, I sound suicidal if anything else (No worries, people. I’d never off myself as the world needs my good looks and I’m a giver, plain and simple.)

Yeah… I don’t imagine this is the kind of post that really reels people in, but I just felt I owed you all a little bit of an vague explanation. And I’m sorry. I’ll never do it again. I’m not a quitter (except for when I quit the last blog, and the track team in high school, and the fraternity sophomore year, and the several low-wage jobs throughout college, and those karate lessons I took as a kid … OK, I’m sort of a quitter. But a lovable one at that.)

For those that read the last post on the last blog and memorized by heart it (as I know you all do with my posts, right? No? Just me? Whatever.) For the cool people out there who remember, my last post was an apology to some people that I had offended at work. It was sincere and, if they are reading this (as they may well be) just know that I am sorry. But for everyone else please take this apology as something more, something sincere-er. I am sorry for ditching you.

I started the last blog a while back as a means of getting some things off my chest that I couldn’t really say anywhere else (most newspapers don’t have strong demand for my thoughts on the mayor or Republicans or my lack of game with the ladies, go figure.) I started it as something for myself and didn’t realize when I left that some people really cared about what I had to say (Chuck’s ego = doing just fine, thank you). Seriously though, thank you all for the well wishes. I’m sorry to have left. I promise it will never happen again (until the next time, at least).

So, how about it? Can we be friends again?